18 May

The hospitality industry is filled with employment opportunities for individuals of varying experience, skill sets and interests. Working in a hotel can be fulfilling, even downright exciting, as you get to know your clientele and how to help them have the best stay possible. Are you considering getting a hotel job? Getting in in touch with hotel recruiters such as marialogan.com. It helps to know what opportunities are available to you! In this article we’ll break down five of the most popular hotel job positions and how their roles contribute to an all-around great hotel stay. 

Hotel Management

A hotel manager’s role is expansive, reaching into every area of the hotel’s operations to ensure quality and compliance. To successfully fulfill this role, the manager must be a master multi-tasker with a personal investment in delivering nothing but the best to hotel visitors. 

There are also hotel sales managers that work to sell upgrades, packages and rooms to prospective guests. These managers fill up floors through expert marketing and sales strategy, so it is often required that they have a degree in business management or hospitality management. 

Hotel Maintenance Engineer

If something isn’t working right or is simply in need of routine maintenance, the hotel maintenance engineer is the go-to person for the job. They provide maintenance for rooms and other areas of the hotel to make sure that everything is operating exactly as it should. 

Front Desk Reception

Oftentimes, the person at the front desk of a hotel’s lobby is the guest’s first interaction with hotel staff. These individuals welcome the guest, inform them of amenities and services offered by the hotel, and process check-ins and check-outs. It’s vital that the front desk receptionist of a hotel be a stellar customer service representative. 

Night Auditor

The person working behind the front desk at night is oftentimes a night auditor, a combination of customer service representation and accounting. This individual is responsible for auditing the transactions of the day and assisting guests with late-night needs like check-ins and arranging wake-up calls. 

Hotel Housekeeper

Housekeepers are essential to keeping a hotel’s rooms and common areas clean at all times. This job requires a high degree of stamina, as it is quite a physically demanding job. Housekeepers must also be timely, responsible, thorough and – most importantly – trustworthy. 

Working in a hotel can be a great experience that affords you the chance to meet people from all walks of life. If you’re considering a career in the hospitality industry, these five jobs are just some of the offerings available. Different hotels may have different requirements and additional roles that need to be filled. No matter your skill set, education or individual strengths, there is a hotel-based job that will suit you well. 

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