09 May

The operations that go into a hotel require a full, well-trained and attentive staff to run smoothly. Unfortunately, many hotel managers (at one time or another) have faced hurdles in hiring the staff necessary to give guests the best possible hotel experience. What can you do to overcome these hurdles and enhance the recruitment process of your hotel? You can start by implementing these useful strategies. 

Ways to Get More Jobs at Your Hotel Filled

Is your hiring pool feeling a little stagnant? Are few people applying? Are those who do apply not a great fit for your hotel? This is frustrating and can lead to a serious decline in service quality if left unaddressed. These tips can help you drive up your recruitment and get these roles filled quickly. 

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Many people in this day and age have to work more than one job, have to balance work and life or work and school. This fact is the driving reason behind the popularity of flexible work schedules. Consider an “opt-in” approach to scheduling so that your staff can feel that their lives are being prioritized by you, the employer. 

Provide Incentive for Good Work

Bonuses are often reserved for members of management and above, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A bonus can certainly be given to an hourly worker as a reward for a job well done. Reward-based incentives are a fantastic way to increase employee retention, as it shows the employee that their work is not only noticed, but duly appreciated.

Make Sure Job Descriptions are Crystal-Clear

It helps to make sure that job candidates have a thorough understanding of the position that they are applying for. To make sure this is the case 100% of the time, make sure to break down the job description with easy-to-understand terminology. Be clear about professional or educational requirements, hours expected to work, and other expectations that you have for those who work inside your hotel. 

Get the Help of a Recruitment Program

There are specialized and highly resourceful recruitment agencies that work directly with hotels to fill job positions. These agencies have the connections and resources necessary to help hiring managers cast a wide net into the employment pool. 

Finding the right help for your hotel isn’t always easy, but it can be done if you make an active effort to show that you value a prospective employee’s time and skills. If your own strategies haven’t been working as well as you’d hoped, consider getting the help of a recruitment agency!

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